ELM BOOTI reverse embroidered housecoat


Colour: Black/White/Elm
Composition : 100 % Cotton Voile
Size : One Size ( size 8-12)
Length : 90 cms
Dry Clean Only

Made In India for NAPEANSEA

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Reversible lounge coat in soft cotton voile with reverse embroidery on plain side and printed on the other. While the traditional offer is of a housecoat or loungewear around the house, it is beautiful enough to be worn as a throw on outerwear. The garment has no fastening to show the hand ‘Kantha’ stitched lapels.

Craft : Embroidery follows outline of the print in symmetrical parts of the pattern to form Booti design ( stand alone motifs) on the plain side.

About Kantha stitching : Kantha is a type of hand embroidery in eastern South Asia, tradionally old saris are stacked on each other and hand-stitched to make a thin piece of fabric. Due to the hand stitching irregular stitches and tiny knots are inherent to the finish. In this piece of garment the printed side and plain side of two fabrics have been held together by reverse embroidery and kantha stitch making it a very special process and a labour of love


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