‘MOGRA’ Falling Jasmine Embroidered Raw Silk and Linen Cushion Cover


Colour: Light Gold.
Size :50 x 35 cm with contrast piping in Silk.
Outer Composition : 100% SILK and 100 % LINEN
Lined in 100% Handloom
Metal Zip fastening


Made In India for NAPEANSEA

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These HAND EMBROIDERED cushion covers take us back to the Indian drawing rooms of elegant aunts. A combination of Hand and Machine Embroidered cushion cover. Lovingly made and finished by skilled artisans each piece is unique and slightly different from the other. The handmade french knots of the exotic MOGRA flowers combined with the smoother machined leaves and stems lend texture and luxury on touch.

The cushion is made up of two fabrics: RAW SILK and LINEN.

* RAW SILK is a 100% silk fabric made from thick yarns that include slubs and irregularities that give the fabric a unique character. The quality of the silk has a soft hand feel while the LINEN side has a slight Texture to the weave. Both fabrics lend to the luxurious while remaining natural and organic in their finish.


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